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Where to Purchase???

To purchase our meat products.....we currently do not ship to other states only Nebraska!!

Our products are available at the Ak-sar-ben Farmers Market in Omaha or you can buy directly from us.  Contact us for a price sheet,  our contact information is listed below.  What kind of meat products do we have?   Smoked jowls, capicolas, bacon, canadian bacon, baby ribs, spare ribs, pork bellies.  (Coming soon salami's)  

 Our products are also available at Raikes Meat Market in Ashland, Nebraska.  Our pork chops, tenderloins, and spare ribs are currently available at their store.


Dates we will be at the 2021 Farmers Market

NOTE: Due to processing delays, we will not have products available in time to meet our scheduled Farmers Market dates.  We sincerely regret that we won't be able to attend the markets on September 12th and September 19th, due to circumstances beyond our control.

We appreciate you, our loyal customers very much.  We will notify you when the issue is resolved.

Tami and Leon Svoboda

**If you want a mangalitsa dining experience.  Check out


restaurant in West Point, NE


restaurant in Omaha, NE