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Where to Purchase???

To purchase our meat products.....we are only shipping to midwest states, or buy directly from us for pickup.

If you would like to purchase from our online store click on the link below :


Smoked jowls, capicolas, bacon, canadian bacon, baby ribs, spare ribs, pork bellies, sweet peppered bologna, salami and summer sausage.

 Our products are also available at Raikes Meat Market in Ashland, Nebraska.  Our pork chops, tenderloins, and spare ribs are currently available at their store.


NOTE: After waiting for six months, our meat products are finally!!

  Needless to say we will not be doing business with them again!!  

We appreciate you, our loyal customers very much. 

Tami and Leon Svoboda

**If you want a mangalitsa dining experience.  Check out


restaurant in West Point, NE


restaurant in Omaha, NE