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We are no longer shipping meat products.  With the covid 19, shipping has not been reaching our customers in a timely manner.


Some of our Products are also sold at


**Aksarben Farmer's Market, Omaha

You may pre-order from the site below and we will have it ready for pickup


NOTE: The market in Omaha will be located in Baxter Arena- Lot 26, this year.

We will only be attending the market once a month this year.  Listed are the dates we will be attending.  

Dates Attending:

June 14

July 19

August 23

September 13


What makes our meat different? Mangalitsa's are exclusively known to have twice the marbling, dark red meat, juicier and more flavorful cuts, because of their unique genetics. This breed produces a high amount of fat, known for creating quality meat, lard and charcuterie.

*Our processors have years of experience in handcrafting our products and have won awards nationwide.

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Other Products

"Wooly Pig" collection

Dish Towels- $10.00 ea.

From Farm to Skin Body Balm

Key ingredient: Mangalitsa Lard

Made in small batches.